What is Red Stretch Marks?

stretch_marksPeople usually recognize stretch marks as silvery white streaks which occur on their skin. These smooth lines might occur in various body parts, such as arms, abdomen, buttocks, hips, and breasts. Some areas with more fat are believed to undergo more stretch marks. In fact, silvery white stretch marks are the later phase of its occurrence. Stretch marks do not occur as these white lines in the initial stage. Instead, they pass some stages before the silvery white colored stage.

When your skin stretches with limited elasticity, the tissues on the dermis layer might break. Because these tissues are broken, the beneath subcutaneous tissues show up. Although the dermis tissues are broken, blood is still circulating on the small vessels beneath the tissues. As a result, the affected areas on where the tissues are stroke turn red. In other words, reddish stretch marks is not a sign of danger. Instead, this is a sign that those stretch marks are still new and therefore, are easily to be treated.

When finally blood vessels do not pump any blood over the damaged tissues, stretch marks turn into silvery white color. This is the later stage of stretch marks development. When your stretch marks reach this stage, they are harder to treat and remove. Thus, it is wiser to try getting rid of the streaks when they are red in color.


Red Stretch Marks on Thighs

Stretches come in different forms, in different places, and you are not safe from them even if you are skinny. Especially on your inner thighs, where they have an even higher chance of appearing. For women if you are skinny the first fat stores will almost always go around your thighs, it is a predisposition that women have and therefore more fat equals more pressure on the skin.

When the skin rips on your inner thighs (or any other skin part for that matter, such as your buttocks which are pretty close), because of internal pressure (muscle, fat or in the case of pregnancy, a baby).

So that it doesn’t literally rip itself apart, which would endanger your medical condition, it does this in a slow and controlled way. Namely slowly ripping small parts of the skin and replacing them with half-functioning skin.


Red Stretch Marks on Breast

Stretch marks on breasts are extremely common nowadays, especially for teenage girls or women who suffer from nutritional deficiencies. According to recent studies and medical files, stretch marks can affect any region of the body, but usually affect those regions with high concentration of fat cells. Hence, this skin abnormality can appear anywhere from waist and thighs to buttocks and breasts.

Breasts are one of the tenderest and sensitive areas of the body and because of this, using any sort of rough, direct approach is out of the question.

In most cases, breast stretch marks appear either after pregnancy when the breast area is being expanded and therefore stretched beyond its original form, or during puberty when the breasts are naturally growing the fastest in a woman’s lifetime. Of course, they stretch marks can “pop up” anytime in your lifetime if the skin becomes weaker and rips.


Stretch Marks on Breasts at Teenage Years

At the age of 15, 14 and 13, the very onset of teenage years, stretch marks start occurring. Teenagers at this time are growing fast as they reach puberty. Breasts may become bigger, which may cause red stretch lines, white stretch lines and purple or silver stripes to occur.

If you are a teenager, be prepared for these because you may be surprised to see those streaks on your boobs, around thighs, legs, knees, buttocks or waist area. Weight gain is the main reason. To be prepared to prevent these stripes and streaks, exercise to gain weight in a healthy way. Also, keep your skin moisturized to avoid the red deep stretch marks from forming on your chest and ruining your cleavage. It is at the age of 13, 14 and 15 that some girls also start seeing cellulite on legs.


Red Stretch Marks on Butt

Butt stretch marks are highly embarrassing and can make it impossible to hide especially when you are wearing a swimsuit. It can be pretty damaging to your self-esteem as well.


Red Stretch Mark Removal and Treatment

Most marks fade over time, and from purple, these lines become silvery and white. However, there are some people who complain about having darker and more visible marks instead of seeing these fade and become less unappealing. This is why it is important to treat these marks on the skin while they are still in the first stage. Basically, this is the time when the marks are reddish in appearance, so do not wait for the lines to turn silvery before you do something about them.

There are various options when it comes to products helpful in treating these marks such as a combination of hyaluronic acid combined with some onion extract. A gel can be made using these two ingredients, and it must be applied directly on the lines. After at least 12 weeks of using the product regularly, the marks are expected to fade quickly.

There are also other options of stretch mark removal, but these are not purely natural techniques. For instance, the use of retinoid creams can be rather effective in minimizing these marks, based on dermatologists. The secret to having successful results with it is by applying it on the affected area. This product ensures quick cell turnover, which is necessary in promoting the growth of new collagen while making the skin healthier and more attractive.

Applying lasers, which generate heat to the skin, is also recommended by most people who have found an effective means of removing stretch marks. Laser results in quicker collagen growth while keeping dilated blood vessels much smaller. Keep in mind, though, that laser treatment is given in several sessions to achieve positive results. Hence, it can be expensive and not too practical among people who want a cheaper, yet effective way to get rid of stretch marks fast and naturally.

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